Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wisdom is Not Conventional ESPECIALLY in the Beltway

Cenk Uyger's total Dismantling of Peter Morici was the Best instance of the complete Debunking of Standard Beltway Conventional Wisdom I've seen in a LONG time.

In order to maintain "Credibility", and avoid the disapproval of those regarding themselves Serious Moderate Beltway Thinkers (Y'know Clueless Elitist Fuckwads like David Brooks?), many commentators simply Repeat what every other MORON on the Cocktail circuit says. It beats work, and real Journalism can be so impolitic.

Many of these self styled Serious Moderates in the Beltway Commentariat, and a few "Professional Liberals", are content to have a Republican on just so they can point and laugh in an effort to make themselves look Intelligent. (Right, Tweety?)

These self styled "Serious Moderates" are Loathe to truly distance themselves from the Conventional Wisdom because they know both Democrats and Republicans accept the same fundamentally false premises, and God Forbid they really embarass anyone!

As for confronting the DINO's accepting every piece of flawed logic, every well publicized false premise in the name of Political Expediency, well, we ALL have to make cynical political calculations occasionally. It's called "Realpolitik".

After all, if we're too critical of rhe democratic leadership, We Might hurt Obama's chances of Reelection in 2012, and we can't have THAT. Think of the Supreme Court...

This sort of twisted rationalization creates the perfect environment for the subsequent CAVE IN the Democrats specialize in, after all, no one will confront them on their acceptance of Frank Luntz Approved focus group tested memes created on 'K' Street, as long as they all parrot the same tired line of bullshit. And why risk the approbation of the Cocktail Circuit? Roger Ailes isn't the only one getting the memo. This is why it is my opinion that the "Mainstream" Media is even more dangerous than Propagandists like Fox. Crediblity can be dangerous.

Which brings me back to Morici.

Unless these purveyors of Beltway Common Wisdom are openly confronted on their false assumptions, and on their complete deference to the same corporate interests promoting the Republicans, we'll have to live with the consequences of One Party Rule. Cenk performed a public service tonight. I just wish more self identified Liberal Democrats would stand on principle and do the same thing.

*(I'm looking at You Thom Hartmann, and You Randi Rhodes, and You Stephanie Miller...Thank Dog for Mike Malloy and Cenk Uyger).