Thursday, June 23, 2011


Obama 1

Sanctimonious Purists, Nothing:

Who do these arrogant Morons think put them in the White House??

Check out this Exchange Between Dana Milbank and Cenk Uyger tonight on Cenk's show:

Cenk Uygur: (To Michael Steele) "My problem is with the democrats because they won't kick the Republicans' ass. They've got the american people behind them why won't they go and fight? Because It looks like their hearts Not into it. The Majority of Americans want to raise taxes on the rich. If you raise taxes on the rich you create 23 Million jobs under Clinton if you lower taxes as Bush did, you Lose 1 million jobs over ten years, I've got the facts I've got the American People I want to fight why doesn't the White House?
....Here's what everybody always tells me on the Republican side: If We Just Cut Taxes, the economy is not gonna be broke, but we DID, we cut taxes for Ten Years and it Tanked! You guys were WRONG! I wish the Democrats would actually make that case, I gotta go to Dana, Dana when you look at the Democratic side isn't the real problem they don't really believe any of this, I mean they never take the fight to 'em look at Mark Warner, sayings he wants to CUT corporate taxes, is that what we're gonna get at the end is this all just Kabuki Theater, and at the end all the Democrats and Republicans have made a secret deal anyway then they're gonna come out and say yeah we're gonna raise the debt ceiling and by the way we're gonna lower corporate taxes?"

Dana Milbank: "the silliest part of all of this is the democrats don't even have to be on this position of raising taxes for anybody they can just say 'look we're just getting rid of all these loopholes' and if you do that you can actually LOWER taxes for everybody but what I don't understand here is it does seem that Obama is almost sticking it to the left here almost like it's some humiliation here and its been going on with the budget talks with taxcuts it's going on with Libya it's going on with Afghanistan you can see that the Democratic members particularly in the House are just Livid with what's going on but they feel powerless there's nothing they can do they can't challenge him and so they can scream and yell like Bernie Sanders did but ultimately they're stuck, and they really can't persuade this White House."

Cenk: "They're stuck with a Democratic President who isn't really progressive and as you said he's almost rubbing it in their face, Alright That's GREAT, I LOVE being stuck that way, so and by the way I bet that really works out for him when he's looking for Votes. Yeah,That's a great winning strategy."